Neonatal and Paediatric Transport


ERS Medical provides incubator transport for newborn and premature infants. We work with neo-natal departments to provide a transfer service to and from specialist units. ERS Medical has vehicles that are fitted with Infant Transport Securing Systems that are increasingly becoming an essential part of the safe movement of patients.

Other features of the incubator include a fully integrated ventilator. An overhead radiant cradle is also available if incubator transport is not deemed the best form of transport due to the threat of respiratory arrest.

At ERS Medical, we know that premature babies are extremely fragile and a lot more sensitive to environmental changes than an adult patient. We are able to assign a specialist neonatology team who are experienced in the field of paediatrics as part of the ambulance crew.

During transportation, we are fully aware that the journey needs to be smooth and stress-free, and we only undertake the use of blue-lights when deemed appropriate by a medical professional.

For services in the London area please call – 0845 000 9999

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