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ERS Medical Ambulance Patient Transport

96% of our patients would recommend our services

Non emergency patient transport Surveys are carried out across all of our contracts

To complement our existing hard copy patient feedback surveys, which are handed out by our crew members on board our vehicles, we also run ‘end of call’ surveys across all our contracts. These are designed to allow patients to provide instant feedback on the quality of the booking process and how helpful they’ve found our call handlers.

From December 2015 to February 2016 feedback gathered on all of our contracts is as follows:

96% of our patients would recommend our services to their family and friends

89% of our patients are either extremely satisfied or satisfied with our services

Our Group Director of Contact Centre Operations, said: “As I often say ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’. We’re delighted with the latest results, feedback good or otherwise from the communities we serve is a key component in ensuring we operate safely and to the highest possible standards and drive continual improvement. Every month we analyse the data which allows us to highlight any areas for concern and act upon improving the patient experience to ensure we’re always delivering a first class service.”

Selection of verbatim comments from our end of call surveys:

“…thoroughly professional, very amiable and took less than two minutes to sort out the problem. Very pleased, very pleased indeed. Thanks a lot.”


“Very knowledgeable… Brilliant customer service, recommend it to anybody.”


“I’m really impressed with the service and my mum is really overwhelmed with the kindness she’s received from the drivers and crew. Thank you so much.”


“I’m absolutely delighted with the service, it far exceeded my expectations…I’m really grateful. Thank you very much indeed.”


“Great friendly staff, always a pleasure to speak to, always make me feel a little bit happier which is always nice if you’re not feeling too well so always a great job. Really appreciate the service. Thank you.”