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Our Fleet

Our Fleet. With a large transport network, ERS Medical is committed to optimising their fleet of ambulances, patient transport and courier vehicles to ensure they meet the demands of their customers, patients and the environment in which they operate.

ERS Medical operates a modern fleet that complies with the latest emissions legislation and utilises the latest routing solutions, giving the patients the shortest journey times and minimising their carbon footprint.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

We are dedicated to improving miles per gallon (MPGs), reducing down-time to improve fleet availability and reducing incidents using the latest technology.  This enables us to track and achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) set by our customers.

Standards and Fleet Efficiency

We continually strive to improve our standards and the way we operate; with regular audits at each of our locations.

Our ambulances, patient transport and courier vehicles are periodically deep cleaned to maintain high standards of hygiene to reduce causes of infection.

Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving

ERS maintains a dedicated training resource which includes Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving (SAFED) that aims to re-educate drivers in safer driving and modern fuel-efficient driving techniques.