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ERS Medical is committed to investing in leading technology solutions to provide robust and stable solutions to its customers. We employ a number of technologies throughout our business helping us deliver efficient and reliable services.

An industry standard Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system is used to route journeys, create bespoke eligibility criteria and adhere to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) set by our customers to ensure the best possible patient experience. From this system, our dedicated Business Intelligence team are able to produce a variety of customizable reports.

The integration system used enables us to link with 3rd party systems, enabling us to seamlessly link with fleet tracking software and in-house SMS messaging service. ERS Medical is also able to offer a customizable Web Portal for online bookings, putting the customer in control of discharging and admitting patients.

Using the CAD system, dispatchers are able to control and manage workflows using tablet devices. These provide our ambulance crews with up to date information about the patient, including any special requirements and mobility issues. Information fed back via time stamps is fully auditable and allows us to report on the entire journey minute by minute.

ERS Medical offer assured security by hosting their technology solutions onsite at our secure data centre. Utilising the latest developments in backup solutions, dual network connections and uninterruptable power supplies, we can offer the maximum uptime service to our customers.