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Bonfire Night Firework Display

Bonfire night safety advice from ERS Medical

With bonfire night upon us, here is some advice from ERS Medical to help you stay safe while enjoying firework displays.

  • Professionally organised firework displays are safe and enjoyable for all the family. However, if organising a bonfire night/fireworks party or if setting off fireworks in your garden, please ensure safety at all times.
  • Only ever purchase fireworks from a reputable dealer.
  • Maintain a safe distance between spectators and fireworks. When lighting a firework use the safety lighters sold in the firework pack.
  • Once lit, maintain a safe distance between yourself and the firework. If the firework doesn’t go off, don’t go back to check on it.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when lighting fireworks. For instance, items with long, flowing sleeves can get in the way.
  • Store fireworks safely and away from any naked flames. Fireworks can also be stored in a tin.
  • Only take out one firework at a time.
  • Secure rockets correctly.
  • Keep pets indoors at all times.

If a burn injury does occur…

Lisa Pammen, Head of Clinical services at ERS Medical advises:

  • Should a patient be alight, extinguish the flames by rolling the person on the ground.
  • Cool burns and help to reduce pain by using cold tap water on the burn.
  • Don’t apply any oils or creams to the burn.
  • Don’t rip off any burned clothing that is stuck on to the skin.
  • For minor injuries, seek advice from the 111 service or visit the minor injuries unit.
  • For emergencies dial 999.
  • Administer life support if you are trained to do so.

Stay safe and have a fun, enjoyable bonfire night!