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Non-emergency patient transport users believe it is important for providers to have good quality measures and notify them when their transport will pick them up. A research poll conducted by ERS Medical has found that patients who use a transport service to and from hospital appointments have rated several quality measures and booking reminders as important service aspects. 87% of respondents said the following quality measures were “extremely important” or “important” with a further 7% of respondents saying they are “somewhat important”: • Friendliness and experience of the provider and crews; • Cleanliness and age of vehicles; • Appointment reminders; • A caring approach Additionally, a significant 99% of poll respondents said it was important to know when the patient transport service would pick them up for their appointment.

ERS Medical has expanded its fleet with 8 new medical courier vehicles that feature unique dual-temperature controls. Rolled out to service the pharmacy contract for Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, the vehicles are designed to safely transport both, pharmacy and pathology items at the specified temperatures without compromising on the integrity of the cold chain.