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ERS Medical Apprenticeship Academy to launch in 2020

Following on from Apprenticeship Week, ERS Medical is excited to announce they will be launching the ERS Medical Apprenticeship Academy in 2020.

The Academy will offer existing staff and recruits a combination of employment and training. Combining practical skills with theoretical knowledge that offers a career route into the organisation and an invaluable opportunity to develop the expertise within the organisation.

Apprenticeship Academies can bring several benefits to both the apprentice and to the company, benefits such as:

  • Improved skills within the business
  • Improvements to the services that can be offered
  • Improved staff morale
  • An opportunity for employees to progress

Jordan Cronshaw, Clinical Trainer at ERS Medical commented “We are excited to be able to give staff the training they need and the skills they can use in both their work and personal lives for career and personal development”


To find out more we also spoke to Hazel Wild, Head of HR & Training at ERS Medical.


Hazel WIld, Head of HR & Training at ERS Medical


“At ERS Medical, we invest in our staff and we understand that their learning journey is important.

Some may think that being a patient transport service, does not require industry-leading qualifications and that first aid at work is enough, we disagree, we offer our staff the opportunity to become professionals in their roles and we offer a Level 3 – Non Emergency Care certificate, which is also transferable in the industry that we work.

The launch of the ERS Medical Apprenticeship Academy will mean we can offer both the level 3 Non-Emergency Care and level 3 Emergency Care Apprenticeships.”

Hazel also commented “It is also important to invest in apprenticeships for all staff across the organisation and we are working in collaboration with local colleges to look at offerings that support our staff needs.

We already have staff completing external apprenticeships from Level 4 to Level 6 of which I am proud to say I am one.  Currently studying for my Level 6 in Leadership & Development.

The apprenticeship, which I am extremely grateful for, has given me the opportunity and time to improve my skills and add value back into the business.”

Keep an eye on the Blog section of the website to find out more once the Academy has launched.