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First electric ambulance for Homerton Hospital

ERS Medical has rolled out its first electric ambulance for Homerton University Hospital and its community services. Welcoming the first patient on board on Friday 19 November, this is another step in supporting the NHS’s net zero goals.

To mark the occasion, ERS Medical welcomed Mr. Rodrigues as the very first patient to be transported on the electric ambulance. He said: “It’s very nice and I’ve enjoyed going on it.”

The electric ambulance has a range of 219/185 miles (city/combined) and saves over 4000kg of CO2 emissions per year when compared to a diesel vehicle equivalent driving 10,000 miles per annum. This saving of CO2 per annum is equivalent to 424 gallons of diesel consumed or 4769 pounds of coal burned.

Graham Snowling, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Homerton, said: “This is another stage in our journey to net zero. This new electric ambulance is dedicated to our patients being transported to and from the hospital for their appointments and also to clinics at our community sites. It not only reflects our commitment to net zero, but it is also a pledge to the residents of Hackney to improve the air quality in the area.”

ERS Medical’s electric ambulance boasts a charging time of 45 minutes to reach 80% battery with a DC charge – making it convenient and practical for continuous use on patient transport journeys.

Andrew Pooley, Chief Executive at ERS Medical, added: “As the leading non-emergency patient transport provider for the UK, our electric ambulance paves the path for greener patient transport. The vehicle’s charging time means that this is a practical and long-term solution for greener patient transport.”