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Laura’s Apprenticeship Journey

Last year, we spoke to Laura Badcock our Billing & Contracts Specialist to ask about her apprenticeship  and we thought with it being National Apprenticeship week it would be great to see how she is getting on.

Laura Badcock -NEPTS

Laura Badcock, Billing and Contracts Specialist, ERS Medical

Hi Laura, what stage are you currently at with your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship was a minimum of 15 months which I will have completed within the next 6 weeks.

I have passed all five of my exams and due to hand in my project within the next week.

My target at the beginning of my apprenticeship was a merit, however, I am on track for a distinction (providing my project does well).

Has your job role changed since starting the apprenticeship?

Yes, I have gone from an Accounts Receivable Specialist to Assistant Accountant.

My new role is now much more varied with a mixture of accounts payable, management accounts and accounts receivable. I enjoy the broader role and have been able to apply my knowledge from the classroom while learning about the many different aspects of finance.

Do you think your apprenticeship has helped your progression within the company?

Yes, all the study and hard work I have put into my apprenticeship has shown how eager I am to learn new roles and progress.

How have you found doing an apprenticeship and working?

Loved it! It has been hard work juggling a new job, project hand in and exams, but I’ve learnt new skills along the way and have had a lot of support from my manager and the rest of the team.

What benefits do you gain from doing an apprenticeship?

I think you gain a lot of transferable skills doing an apprenticeship which you would not necessarily gain at university or in college, for example, prioritising tasks, organisation, working with people.

What are your plans once you have finished your apprenticeship?

Now I am ending my level 3 apprenticeship, I am looking to move onto level 4 AAT which is ‘Professional Diploma in Accounting’. It’s a 2-year course which will help me achieve my long-term goal – to be a qualified accountant.

Would you still recommend an apprenticeship to other people?

Yes, I think it’s the best way of learning on the job. You get to experience other areas of the business and I got a lot of support from the team as well. Also, most courses (well the finance ones anyway) have a minimum work experience standard to pass onto the next level but if you do an apprenticeship that’s all included as you do 20% on the job training – that’s one less thing to worry about!

At ERS  Medical Patient Transport we are very proud of the work that our apprentices are doing and we hope that Laura’s story inspires you as much as it inspired us.