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ERS Medical pledges to drive down air pollution in East London

In October, ERS Medical Team Members took part in the Cleaner Fleets, Healthier Streets programme at our Thames Road site in East London.  Transport is the largest contributor to air pollution in the UK which causes ill-health, particularly amongst the most vulnerable people in the community.

Drivers had fun over the two days but more importantly took on board the role that they can play in improving the air we breath locally.  In fact, 35 pledges were made by ERS Medical Team members to, ‘Drive down pollution in East London.’

The Cleaner Air team from Global Action Plan were onsite for the two days, putting our drivers’ eco-driving skills to the test.  Using an interactive eco-driving simulator, they taught the team how to adopt low pollution driving behaviours and clearly explained how small changes in our driving style could reduce air pollution and improve the health of those in East London.

“We want our drivers to behave safely and operate efficiently, making sure all our vehicles on the road are reducing their impact on the environment and are improving the health of those in the local community.” Lee Jackson, Group Head of Fleet Services.

Cleaner Fleets, Healthier Streets is part of the Barts Health Cleaner Air project.  Its aim is to improve the health of those work and live in East London by reducing their exposure to air pollution. Breathing cleaner air reduces the risk of lung disease, strokes, heart disease, cancer, strokes, poor lung development and low birth weight.

You can join the effort to drive down pollution and create healthier streets in your community by adopting the following top tips:

Be a smooth operator – anticipate the road ahead to avoid unnecessary breaking.

Take your time – gentle acceleration, use lower RPS and stick to steady speeds.

Don’t be an idler – when stationary, switch off your engine.