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ERS Medical Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

We are taking the outbreak of COVID-19 very seriously and are taking several measures to mitigate the impact of the virus on our patients, staff and services.  The information below outlines our approach to the situation and how you can expect to see ERS Medical respond in the coming weeks.

As you are aware, the situation is fast-moving and looking increasingly likely to cause disruption to services across all sectors. We recognise that as a major UK provider of health transport (PTS and Courier) our role in the health system is a critical one.

As an organisation we are making every effort to protect patients and staff, maintain our services and do what we can to limit the spread of the virus. ERS Medical has several specific measures that will come into force as the situation develops, however as an organisation we aim to be:

Responsive – We will be forward looking in our preparation and be proactive in what is already a fast-moving situation. Our EPRR/business continuity systems and processes are well positioned to react quickly, and our Care Standards team are experienced in managing a wide range of situations that may affect our services.

Measured – We will base our decision making on evidence based ‘best possible advice’ from authorities such as Public Health England (PHE), NHS England (NHE), British Government departments, and the WHO. We will avoid knee jerk reactions and only apply measures that are appropriate for our organisation.

Clear and Transparent – We will communicate as much as is practically possible with our patients, staff and partners in the NHS. We have good communication links at all levels of the NHS.

As an organisation we will do everything we can to adapt quickly and calmly to protect our patients and staff and to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on the system.