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As a leading national healthcare service provider we have a variety of roles within the business. Below we have provided an overview of some of our key roles. You can also find out more about the work we do, by visiting our Case Study page.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) Ambulance Care Assistant.

NEPTS Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA), transport patients from their homes to outpatient appointments at hospitals and clinics.

NEPTS crews also transport patients who have been discharged from hospital to their home or care home, following a stay in hospital.

Is working as a Ambulance Care Assistants right for me?

Non-Emergency Patient Transport ACA staff need to be caring, excellent communicators and good at building relationships with patients to make their experience as positive as possible. Our ACA’s are passionate about the service they deliver and go over and above to ensure that all of our patients are transported safely with dignity and respect.

What do Ambulance Care Assistants do?

ACA’s move people safely and comfortably to and from their appointments at outpatient clinics and hospitals ensuring they arrive at their appointments on time.

As well as driving, ACA’s are also required to help lift and move patients in and out of specially adapted vehicles and ambulances.

As an ACA you could work alone or as part of a crew.

What career progression opportunities are available for Ambulance Care Assistants?

ACA’s can progress to operation team leader roles or alternatively move into roles such as an Urgent Care Assistant or Emergency Medical Technician.

Contact Centre Operatives (CCO’s)

CCO’s have a key role in ensuring patients who are frail or vulnerable or have no other means of transport get to their health appointments safely and on time.

Based at either our central hub in Leeds or our regional hubs throughout the UK our CCOs will book the vehicles that take patients to and from non-emergency medical appointments.

Bookings are taken from patients, their relatives and Healthcare Professionals

CCO’s need to be able to multi-task ensuring that accurate information is collected at the time of the booking.

Healthcare Courier

The medical field often depends on Healthcare Couriers to transport sensitive and confidential healthcare items, including paperwork, medical specimens, equipment, and supplies. In order to ensure a strict chain of evidence is maintained our drivers must adhere to all relevant guidance and legislation as well as ensuring all items are tracked through our system.

A Healthcare Courier contributes to the safe and timely movement and transportation of goods and equipment. They should have excellent organisational and administrative skills. As well as possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Healthcare Couriers should be reliable and professional with outstanding routing and directional skills, and a passion for delivering critical medical items punctually.

A Healthcare Couriers should possess effective record keeping skills always maintaining confidentiality. They must work comfortably under tight deadlines to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of items.


If you are interested in working in the Healthcare transport service and you share our values take a look at our current vacancies here.

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