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Family Open Day Fun with Barts Health NHS Trust

We were delighted to take part in this year’s Barts Health NHS Trust Open Day. The day, held at Newham University Hospital, provided an excellent opportunity for patients, staff and the public to visit the Trust and learn about all the great work going on in hospital and the community.

The day had an emphasis on health promotion; visitors were provided with information about the wards and departments in the Trust, its suppliers and health related community groups in the area as well as the opportunity to have lots of fun. There were a range of exhibitions, stalls and tours, to make the day as interesting and interactive as possible.

ERS Medical provided an ambulance for children and adults to have a look around and learn about the great work we do in the area delivering non-emergency patient transport. Jason Banks, Training and Development Mobilisation Manager, was on hand to give demonstrations of CPR and defibrillation on adult and child size dummies.

ERS Medical crew members Russ Short, Rebecca Norris and Natalie Ann Dutton joined Jason at the event. Russ and Rebecca were on hand to run through the different equipment carried on board and its function as well as explaining the work ERS Medical carries out in the area.

ERS Medical’s Operations Manager, Natalie Dutton, said: “It was a great day, the sun was shining and it was really nice to get out into the local community to meet with patients and the public. We had a lot of interest regarding the work we carry out and the children loved being on board an ambulance and wearing the high vis jackets.”

ERS Medical has been providing a Managed Services contract to supply non-emergency transport services to patients and employees for Barts Health NHS Trust since June 2014. The prestigious contract is the first of its kind in the NHS that sees patient and Trust transport services consolidated into a single managed service. The contract covers general non-emergency patient transport services; high dependency and bariatric non-emergency transport service; taxis and courier services; management and provision of private vehicles and logistics services.

Barts Health NHS Trust is the largest NHS Trust in the UK serving a population of 2.5million in east London and beyond.