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Spotlight on…Christian O’Boyle

Christian O’Boyle, Care Quality Advisor in the North, recently joined ERS Medical. We took some time to find out more about him.

When and how did you start working in this industry?

I had originally planned on becoming a paramedic so I spent some time in Accident & Emergency (A&E) to learn basic clinical skills and knowledge. This led onto a scholarship offer to do my nursing studies at Huddersfield University to become a registered nurse.

I have worked within A&E at Calderdale Royal Hospital (Halifax) for the majority of the last 16 years, mostly recently as a charge nurse. As well as being the general A&E for the Calderdale and Kirklees area, the department also specialised in paediatrics and strokes. I was lead nurse in A&E for student education and mentorship and was also part of the MAJAX (major incident team).

Whilst nursing in A&E, I had a keen interest in pre-hospital care and worked on an ad-hoc basis in emergency front line ambulance work for ERS Medical.

Can you tell us your main areas of responsibility?

As Care Quality Advisor I ensure the consistency of care and service within the North of England region. I sit within the Care Quality Team which is great to share knowledge as we all come from a clinical background.

It’s a varied and diverse role as I undertake regular site visits and inspections to make sure staff and bases are compliant with CQC regulations, infection control (IPC) inspections and safeguarding procedures. I also prepare clinical incidents and investigations plus provide support and clinical advice to our operations managers. I will also be taking a lead on patient safeguarding, throughout the business.

What do you like about working in this sector?

For me, patient care is a passion. It was hard to leave the NHS and move into the private sector but I continue the commitment to patient care through into my new role. Being part of a team who works day in and day out to keep people alive and safe was humbling and I felt it to be an honour to be part of such a great department and team.

I have nothing but admiration for all my colleagues (doctors, nurses, and ambulance staff) who work relentlessly day in and day out doing such a demanding job in an ever increasingly difficult arena.

What motivates you?

I once read a quote that stayed with me ‘I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination’.

Right now my motivations are to do well in my new role at ERS Medical. I hope I can bring a lot from my nursing experience and background here to the clinical team and wider business.

In a hectic job, what is your one tip to deal with stress?

My current role is very different to my last job, it involves lots of travelling, meetings, report writing and investigation type work. In my previous role the department was often hectic and at times even chaotic.

In both contrasting roles though I have found that if things were becoming too much, a situation too frantic or difficult to deal with, just step away for two minutes. It’s amazing how walking away from something and coming back to it can allow you to regain focus and calm.

And of course an occasional nice glass of wine doesn’t do any harm at the end of hard week either!

How do you spend your time out of work?

I enjoy mountain biking, I have been working around the clock and very long hours for the past two years so I plan to get out on my bike a lot more this year.