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Why Work for Us

ERS Medical is committed to creating a positive employee experience. We offer a range of employee programmes and benefits some of which are listed below.

We encourage our employees to develop their knowledge and skills through providing a wide range of training. We offer our employees the development and the opportunities that they will need to build their career in our culture.

By offering these development opportunities to our employees we provide them with what they need to develop their career in the healthcare sector and beyond.

Sustainability is part of our DNA and an important factor for us as a company.  We are always thinking of long-term outcomes that can help.

Employee Benefits

Flexible Pay Day

ERS Medical offers flexible pay for its employees in the form of  Wagestream.

Wagestream gives employees access to the money they have earned straight away rather than at the end of the month. It effectively ends the need for employer advances, loans and the stress caused by short-term, unplanned financial obligations.


Perkbox is our employee reward and recognition platform with our benefits and recognition in one place. Perks include a free monthly coffee, shopping discounts, wellness videos and gym membership discounts.

Flu Protection

The flu vaccine is offered to all ERS Medical staff every year to reduce the risk of healthcare workers contracting the flu virus and passing it on to their patients or friends and family. It’s the best way to minimise the risk of catching flu, especially over the winter period when there are lots of bugs and illnesses around.

Employee Assistance Program

To assist our employees with work and home life pressure, we provide Health Assured an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Health Assured is the UK’s leading EAP provider, offering a range of online and over the phone services to help with life’s problems. So, no matter what time of day or night, confidential assistance on anything from mental health, legal information and guidance on money and debt management are always at hand.


All front-line crew receive an ERS Medical uniform. This ensures that not only all of our employees have the correct equipment to deliver our services safely but also to present a professional image to our customers.

Staff Recognition Scheme

Every quarter we celebrate the success and hard work of our employees with our Staff Recognition Scheme. Unlike other recognition schemes, we encourage employees not just managers to recognise their colleagues and highlight their hard work.

DBS Check 

All roles at ERS Medical are eligible for a free-of-charge DBS check.

Who are we looking for?

If you are interested in working in the healthcare sector and you share our values have a look are our current vacancies here.

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Secure transfers for patients with mental health illness.

Next or same day dedicated healthcare courier service.

Our model doesn’t just simply take over the management of existing suppliers.

Intra/inter-hospital transportation of critically ill patients.

Incubator transport for newborn and premature infants.

Flexible transport for wheelchair and stretcher requirements.

24/7 ad hoc healthcare transport solutions at short notice.

Rapid response, commercial medical repatriation.

A time-saving resource to streamline internal mail delivery.